A case of "The Mommy"

Last night I was settling down for a quiet evening and decided that with no more ER, I should check out the newest drama on NBC. After about 4 minutes into the program, I was immediately drawn in because of a story line with a one-year-old baby... 

Three police officers are in their car, driving along and they come to a screeching halt when they see a baby crawling into the street. Now seeing this in writing does not give quite the same impact as seeing this on my television screen. A beautiful baby boy (the same age and size as my girl), in dirty clothes with no socks or shoes, innocence all over his face, on all fours in direct line of traffic. Alone. It made my stomach drop and my heart stop. I felt this overwhelming urge to cry and also to get up and run to wherever that baby was to pick him up and take care of him and make him feel safe. 

Now I know this is just a television show. It is fiction. It isn't real. Still, knowing all of that, I watched intently to find out what would happen to this sweet boy. Where was his mommy? Where was his daddy? How did he get there? Would he be OK? I was emotionally disturbed and physically distraught over this scenario. Of course, after 50 minutes, the show came to its resolution and I went to bed knowing that for at least the time being, he was back home and safe. 

The thing that stands out to me more than anything about that experience, is that before I had Addie, I would have watched the show and probably felt concern, but not like how I did last night. I have "The Mommy". I have that instinctual thing that moms get when danger is afoot. It's so funny to me because before I gave birth, I thought women like that were crazy. I swore that I would not be one of those people who feel that because they are a mom they are mother to all... I would not ask children who are strangers, "Where is your mommy?" and feel that I have some responsibility to take care of any child that crosses my path. Surprise! Once again, the gentle beast that is motherhood has some tricks up her sleeve. I've got to start watching more comedies. 

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