Beautiful dreamer...

When I first began this blog, it started out with me needing a place to process through some of our parenting woes. I never even wrote an introduction, I just jumped right into the thick of it--those days were rough. Getting Addie to sleep through the night and go to bed without tears still remains the biggest, most consistent issue we have had to deal with thus far. While we have come a long way from breastfeeding in the wee hours of the morning, teething is rearing its hateful ugly head at us. Night time can still be tough, but now that I'm home during the day I have another beast to deal with... nap time.

I have often heard stories from other mothers about how their children would point to the crib during a pre-bedtime story, ready for a full night's rest. Or the child who waves up at you and says "night-night" after you put him in his crib, then rolls over quietly to go to sleep on his own. I have been waiting Addie's whole life for this to happen to us.

I haven't ever really been that great at setting routines for myself--getting up early, working out, eating well... I do alright for a few days, but then I slip back into a lack of structure. I have, however, been fairly decent at following routines for Addie. We try to stick to a set schedule as much as possible so she knows what to expect, feels comfortable, etc. I know it is all very good for her development, but what I've really been hoping is for this to pay off in other ways--like at bedtime. I've been praying that one day, my child will follow suit to these miracle children I've heard tale about, and be so confident and relaxed in her own space that she practically begs me to leave her alone so she can go to bed.

This afternoon, after her lunch and some quiet playing, it was time for a nap. We went into her room, started her fan, turned on her music, read a book and then--Oh my goodness!--then she turned to me, waved and said "bye-bye". I could hardly contain my excitement. Ooohhhh... bye-bye? OK, bye-bye it is. I put her in her crib, said my "I love you's," and my "Sleep well's" and then skipped off to enjoy some time by myself, so proud that I am successfully raising an independent child. However, just as I was finishing the first draft of my Mother of the Year acceptance speach, her cries began. Crap!

I waited for a few minutes to see if she might ride it out, but no dice. I ended up going back into the war zone to soothe her and conduct a more elaborate version of the pre-nap routine that we are just getting accustomed to. About thirty minutes later, after some mild fussing, we have lift off. I know, it could be so much worse. She could be sick or I could still be up with her, trying to coax her to sleep. And I have to admit that until my dream of seeing her little hand wave me away as she closes her eyes is realized, a few extra minutes spent in the rocking chair is really not that bad.


The Alrikabi's said...

1. I love your humor. The drier the better.
2. You ate a sweet potato fry off your floor. Love it.
3. Keep writing. Your parenting woes make my day.

Joan Dillman said...

Dear Sara,

Just read your entire blog from beginning to end. What a wonderful way to reflect on life as a young mother!

A couple of parenting "hints" from an old mother...

Remember the "5 second rule". If it has been on the floor for less than 5 seconds it's okay to eat. That is unless it's a rest area or gas station bathroom floor. Those contain typhoid germs!

Invest in a Swifter mopping system. Five minutes and the floor is clean.

Naptime is for YOU. Get some housework done, exercise, work on a craft project or better yet just REST. If Addie doesn't want to sleep don't sweat it. When she's tired she'll sleep. Leave a book, a bear and toy in the bed. If she throws them out then she has nothing to do. If she is screaming/crying you know she is alive.

Finally invest in a Four Ingredients or Less cookbook. There are quick and easy recipes that are pretty tasty too.


Aunt Joan

Tamara said...

Hi! I hope things are going well. I truly enjoy reading your blog. I realize that so often I went through the same things with Ella that you are with sweet Addie. Let me tell you that bed time is still a challenge for me and Ella. It must be because our girls are so smart that they are never ready to quit for the day. They want to soak it all up and never want to stop. Anyway - thanks for the humor. You are a fabulous mohter and Addie is damn lucky!

sara said...

Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement! Staying at home is wonderful, but a LOT more work than I thought. I love taking a time out to write about what we are up to... and hopefully make a few people laugh!