Do as I say, not as I eat

Day two of SAHM-hood went surprisingly well, considering the weather was horrible and our router decided to answer its call home to wherever dead electronics go, leaving me without internet access. Addie and I ventured out to the mall to (ahem) walk, aka pretend to get exercise while we secretly look for fabulous deals... there were a few.

We had a nice afternoon at home, but I decided to cave into a bit of laziness for dinner and “make” chicken tenders and fries. Before I continue, I must tell you about what could be my best discovery of 2009. You see, I did not make just any fries. Better yet, not just any crinkle fries. What is better than crinkle fries, you ask? Sweet potato crinkle fries. Oh yeah. Mommy likey. A lot. If I could find a reason, I would make them every night. And I must admit, it does take a bit of the guilt off because sweet potatoes are not just your sugary white starch. No, sweet potatoes are yams. Vegetables, if you will—nutritious ones—all cut up into crinkly goodness to be baked and consumed by myself and my babe. Yummy in the tummy.

I sat down with Addie to teach her how to dunk her bits of chicken in catsup for the first time. She took to it like a pro and cleaned her little tray, so to speak. By this time, the fries had cooled so I brought some over for her and me to share. She loves them almost as much as I do, and in my frenzy to break them up a bit and give her a portion, I dropped one on my floor… my not so clean anymore kitchen floor. Before I could even stop myself, I picked it up and said, “Ooooo, we can’t let this go to waste,” put it in my mouth and ate it. GASP! Thankfully Addie was paying more attention to stuffing her little chipmunk cheeks full of crinkly heaven and did not see me break my very own rule. Now I don’t know if it was the “day two” spirit creeping over me, slowly squelching my neat freak ways, or if it was truly the power of the most magnificent side dish ever created, but I was appalled at my complete loss of self-control… But not appalled enough to spit it out.

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