The first day of the rest of her life

Friday was my last day of full-time work outside of our home. One of the saddest things I had to give up was not my autonomy, freedom or professional credentials, but my Macbook. So until my husband gives me a quick reminder tutorial on how to work our PC, I will have to post without pictures. Never fear, we have many archives to share, but for now it is text alone.

Anyway, so today is the first day of my new job: Full-time-stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), i.e. Domestic Goddess. I'm living the dream. I get to spend every day with my girl while I ensure our house is clean, make all of our meals, keep us on a budget, begin a writing career, knit and sew fabulous garments, get back in shape... you know, the normal 9 to 5er. Right.

Already just hours into "the best job I'll ever have," I am learning that I may have overshot my goals juuuust a tad. (Veteran SAHMs you may now pick yourselves up off the floor and stop laughing.) I am thinking that if I am going to hold onto any kind of sanity, I will also have to give myself a few allowances.

Unrule #1: My kitchen...wait, lets make that, my HOUSE does not have to be clean ALL the time. For some reason I had it in my head that Addie and I would be prancing and playing around in a spotless home because I'm here all day now and have time to maintain a mess-free space. But as I was emptying the dishwasher, I happened to spot my darling child drop a goldfish cracker onto the floor, step on it, then pick off the crumbs from the bottom of her foot and begin to eat them. As I choked down my gag reflex and ran over to her with a clean damp cloth, I realized that life as I knew it is so over. If I allow myself, this could be what my entire day looks like--running after Miss. Mess Maker with paper towels and a bottle of vinegar and water in hand. Part of me doesn't think that is such a bad scenario, but something tells me her future therapist might feel otherwise. So at least for today (because as a newly recovering cleaning addict, I can only go one day at a time) I will let go of obsessing over that which is next to godliness. Who cares if there are still orange crumbs spread out on my kitchen floor? Not me.


Tisha said...

Hi there! I was so hoping you'd get a post in on your first day at this new gig--yippee!!

Wishing you loads of fun this week and even a smashed goldfish or two.


Dennis said...

Holy Moly! Donna Reed you're not. Nobody is. I even eat the crackers off the floor I step on...except I dip my finger in Kickin' Chicken to lift them completely off the floor. Hmmm....that may explain my depleted supply of Wheat Thins and Wild Turkey!!!

sara said...

Thanks for the kudos! I am loving my new vocation, both with Addie and on the interwebs. Lots and lots of work, but just as much fun... most of the time!

And I didn't even cringe when Addie ate a handful of cheerio's off the floor today. One step at a time!