Cutie cute moment

I never know when Addie will jump up and do something so sweet that it just floors me. The other day, she was playing by herself, not aware that I was watching her. She took her shape sorting box and had it on her arm like a purse with a stacking cup and my old cell phone inside. She then proceeded to walk around the living room and say, "Bye-bye" to everything she saw--the cat, the rocking chair, the windows and the ceramic knight made by my late mother-in-law. After all of her good-bye's were said, she went over to her shopping cart and took it for a stroll around the living room. I have never seen her play pretend like that and it was so adorable it made me cry.

My tears were interrupted by a burst of laughter when Addie stopped what she was doing and went into my bedroom to get my purse. She took out my wallet and after inspecting its contents, put it into her purse, then continued shopping. Definitely a "Dear God" moment!


Dennis said...

Wait til that happens and it's not pretend!

sara said...

Oh my... I can't even begin to worry about that. Kate and I had a conversation the other night about how we need to use cash more often to pay for things. That way Addie will see that and learn about money instead of thinking credit cards are these magical things you get stuff with. Hopefully that will prevent any misuse of CCs in the future.... Wishful thinking?