If only bacon loved me back

My plan worked! Panera's Tomato Basil Bread came through for us last night and helped craft a marvelous sandwich...
While it was divine, I will say that two of these in one day did not fare so well on the tummy. But it was worth it--how often can I say I enjoyed two fried green tomato BLTs in less than 8 hours? Not often enough, my friends!
We were then entertained by an evening of Addie traipsing around the house, sporting shirt number two with her pigtails pulled out. What a great cure for an upset stomach.


Kate said...

that sandwich looks awesome. awe. some. (so awesome that I couldn't even type straight! first try: "that sandwish lookes awesome")

sara said...

I have to say it was oh so very yummy. I'm getting hungry just looking at it. But it was waaaay too much bacon in one day, if that's even possible!