Low carb lunch

Next week, we are heading to the epitome of childhood destinations--Disney World. One of the greatest attractions Disney boasts for adults is a wonderous assortment of delicious cuisine. In an effort to ensure that I can truly enjoy myself while we're there and still fit into my summer clothes, this week I am cutting out the carbs.

Going very low carb presents its good and bad points. One not so fun thing is I can get really tired of nuts, meat, eggs and cheese really fast. But one very good thing is it forces me to get creative with ingredients and put new dishes together that I would never have thought of otherwise.
Yesterday was one such occasion. I layered sliced deli smoked turkey with horseradish hummus, a poached egg, salt, pepper and a touch of crumbled feta cheese. Granted, this is not something I would serve at a dinner party, but it made for a tasty little lunch that at the very least, wasn't boring. I'll take it!

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