New Mom Tip #2

We had a fabulous weekend. We traveled to Barren River Lake to be with my husband's family and we had a blast out on the boat, in the water, and then taking shelter from the rain with good food, great drinks and lots of laughs. The kids played together and occasionally, melted down together. The adults choreographed keeping an eye on the kiddos almost flawlessly, while taking shifts to eat and still finding pockets of time in which to relax. All in all, quite a success.

Then there was the drive home. We got on the road a bit late, but it was fine. Curt and I had our typical first few minutes in the car conversation... When should we get gas? Now? About half way home? Curt decided it would be best to wait a while because Addie was ready to sleep now, and in an hour or so she would likely be awake and in need of a diaper change. I agreed. Little did we know how right he would be.

With about 60 miles left to go, Addie woke up and was oddly quiet in her car seat. A strange stench started to spread through the vehicle. Curt said, "Something is not right in this car." I twist around to see her sticking her first finger out towards me. "Eewww, it looks like she has a booger on her finger!" I exclaimed. (Everyone has the one thing that grosses them out, and it's boogers for me.) Addie giggled as I grabed a wipe and turned around completely this time, only to find out that it was NOT a booger. In an effort to keep you from gagging at your computer screen, I will only say that there was a large pile of poo that had exploded from between my little angel's legs and yes, she had explored it with her fingertips. I did the best I could to wipe off her hands and then place a pile of wipes over the (ahem) area. I held it there while I waited for Curt to drive the three miles to the next exit as quickly as possible, where we could then attempt to clean up this horrid disaster.

So here it is, New Mom Tip #2: Always keep a roll of paper towels and a can of Lysol in the trunk of your car. (I will assume that you already have hand sanitizer in your glove box, purse, and just about every other bag or compartment you own.) Curt ran into the gas station to buy this simple set of supplies so we could remove the source of the dreaded scent and attempt to make the area clean enough for the rest of the ride home.

I took the baby, he took the seat. I held Addie from under her arms while he pulled her shorts down in the parking lot. I wiped her down with about 100 wipes and changed her right in the front seat of the car. Of course, as I have my little love's bottom straight up in the air, a van full of kids pulls in next to us and as they are getting out, she turns her head to see everyone and says a loud, "Hi!" Awesome.

Finally the mess was resolved and Addie made the rest of the trip home in just a t-shirt and diaper. We took the car seat apart last night so I could wipe it down in bleach and wash the cover. All is clean--all is well. But I swear I still smell poo.


Dennis said...

I don't know...I still think the time when I checked Emily's diaper in the middle of a restaurant by putting my finger in it and pulling out more than a finger takes the cake. I wasn't thinking with my dipstick!

sara said...

Yeah, that wasn't the smartest move, I must say. But it makes for a good story which seems to be my mantra for parenthood. I guess I learned from the master! ;)

The Alrikabi's said...

Ahhhhh hahahahahahaha.......