I have always been an over-packer. I never know what I'll be in the mood to wear, plus I need to make sure I have the right outfit for any occasion that might pop up. Sure we'll be at our cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere, but what if we decide to go out for a nice meal? It has only happened once in the 28 years I've been going up there, but what if number 2 is this time? I also have to bring a wide selection of shoes, scarves, and what if it gets cold one night? A sweatshirt... or two.

This has never really been much of a problem. At least, not when it was just me or even when it was just me and Curt. But now that baby has made three, it tends to be a bit of an issue. The thing about traveling with a baby is that it doesn't matter if you are going out of town for one night or ten, you have to bring the same pile of crap with you either way... Booster seat, play yard, sippy cups, food (at least when I was nursing, this feature was built right in), stroller, sleeping accessories (music, fan, etc.), entertainment... And that's not even counting the clothing, bath stuff, beach stuff... Sheesh!

Now my husband (love his heart) HATES to pack. He avoids it at all costs and practically begs me to do it for him. I used to be really annoyed at this, but then I learned that it is the perfect opportunity for him to wear all of those clothes I have bought him that, for some reason, he never manages to wear. "This looks like a bowling shirt." or, "I feel like Mr. Rogers in this sweater." Doesn't matter, honey-- you wear it or you go naked! Aahhh, the power of packing!

My brief power trip usually doesn't last long, however, as I am then faced with the giant pile of items we have to have to survive more than a few hours away from home and actually fit/cram it all into the car. I suppose that is my one solace--if anyone ever did try and break into our house while we are away, there's not much left behind for them to find. Truly, all of our treasures are with us! Camera, computer, CHI hair straightener... All in their own suitcase compartment, safely stashed for whenever we may require them.

Somehow, in all of this mayhem, I have yet to reduce the amount of items I need to take on a road trip. Yes, if anything, I feel like I only have to be more prepared for all of the "what ifs" that may arise. Poop, snot, food bits and whatever else always seem to end up on me so replacement items are highly necessary. Whenever we take to the skies for a family vacay, I'm sure I'll be in a world of hurt. Until then, I am choosing to hold onto my old habits, at least for this weekend. Now, off I go to complete the world's largest game of Tetris with a Toyota Camry. Wish me luck!


Jamie said...

It gets better when you have more kids! ha! Flying isn't TOO bad, as long as the place you are going to has the highchair, pack n play, sippy cups, etc...happy travels!

The Alrikabi's said...


sara said...

We will find out in a few weeks when we venture to Disney World... I will need every minute leading up to it to prepare!

sara said...

In the spirit of true Mommy Honesty, I must confess that Addie woke up from her nap early that day so all plans were off. Curt packed himself and the car for us. Hooray for Daddy!