A bit of knitting

As the weather turns colder and colder, I am drawn in even more to my piles of yarn and stacks of patterns I want to knit. Especially at night, after Addie has gone to bed and while Curt is finishing up some work for the day, I have grown to crave that pocket of time that allows me to feel the yarn in my fingers and just create.

I have been working on Felicity for my sister, Emily for a little while now. I made her some fingerless gloves last winter and she needs a hat to match. Since I am still new to knitting, each item I work on teaches me something new, and this one was no different: from now on, I must always make sure I have enough yarn before I begin a project. I knew it would be close, but just as I got to the decreases, I hit the end of the ball and now this hat is really just a nice tube.

I am using a fantastic hand spun merino wool by Malabrigo Yarn. I love how it feels and how it knits--so very soft and I'm sure it will be warm as well. It is also kettle dyed by hand which means that no skein of yarn will look the same as another. Very cool, but not when you're trying to create a cohesive piece. This would have presented less of a problem if I could have browsed throught the selection in the store myself to ensure I had the correct pigment, but of course, now they are sold out. I am left to the mercy of the interwebs.

The shipment should arrive in the next few days and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will match what I already have. If not... Well, I can't even think about the "if not" right now. I suppose I could refashion it to become a hat for Addie, but we shall see. Here's hoping that my one-of-a-kind hand made yarn is really not so unique after all!

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