Evans Orchard

Yesterday afternoon, after many days of clouds and rain, we were so excited to see the sun and feel its warmth. We could think of nothing better to do than head out to Evans Orchard for an adventure. I can't say enough wonderful things about this place--

We had a blast at the petting zoo and Daddy helped feed a kangaroo.

Addie embraced her photo op and said, "No Mommy, I'm taking your picture!"

We got lost in a sea of orange and picked out our favorites.

We searched high and low for apples in the orchard and found a few to keep.

I now have about 14 lbs. of apples on my counter and big plans for applesauce and apple butter. Another domestic itch I have developed is I would love to figure out how to can. My research has begun and it seems kind of complicated. Lets see how this goes, shall we?


Auntie Em said...

one of my favorite posts! fab.

ps. the coat is almost as adorable as addie!

sara said...

I do love that coat and really wish I had one in my size. I LOVE the lining of it and am so happy the arms are too long so I can fold the sleeves back and show it off! Thanks, Aunt Em!!!