Kissing low carb goodbye

Now that swimsuit season is over and I have unpacked my favorite bulky sweaters, I couldn't care less about those few extra pounds hanging out around my tummy. After all, winter is approaching. It's time to get ready for the cold and build up a bit of insulation. In the spirit of all things comfort, I splurged and bought a french baguette the other day for some sandwiches. I had about a third of it left over yesterday and while I really just wanted to toast it up and slather it with butter, it was calling out to me to create something super yummy.

I decided to make an open-faced chicken sandwich and boy, was it good! I spread each half with basil pesto, added a few roasted red peppers, topped it with pieces of rotisserie chicken and finished it off with some slices of provolone. Then, I broiled it until the cheese was melted and bubbling. This will likely be transformed into a pizza for dinner one night this week as well. Tasty delish!  


Dennis said...

Just be sure you don't get your February fat in December. You don't want to be like a mother walrus...thwaup, thawup, thawup!

sara said...

Oh why don't I own that movie? It's the only film with Russel Crowe that I've ever actually enjoyed! Look out--I might swipe it the next time we're in town!