New Mom Tip #3

Since it seemed that Addie was so in love with the idea of carrying around a purse, I gave her an old one of mine to play with. Along with an old wallet and cell phone, it quickly became a favorite toy. That is, until she discovered far too early in life that purses rarely stay on your shoulder the way you want them to. I tell you, the fits she has thrown over this frustration have been the funniest things I have ever witnessed in my life. I was able to capture a few moments of one of these tantrums... brace yourself.

Here it is, New Mom Tip #3: Learn how not to laugh, and fast! That is one of the staples I have heard from so many parents and read in all the books... Don't laugh because it only encourages the behavior you hope to stop. Well this may be easy for some, but I may just be the queen of laughing at inappropriate times. Really, where is my crown? In church, during a serious speech, you name it, I have embarassingly lost control of myself and burst into squeals of laughter. I knew this would be an issue when I had kids and now I'm in trouble. At first, I didn't worry about it, but now she recognizes our reaction and when we laugh, it really does just egg her on. I am trying my best and soon I should master this, but let me tell you it is tough. I mean, did you see that video? Could you keep a straight face? If so, please please tell me how!

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