Oops at the beach

Before I had Addie I was always perplexed when women talked about their boobs falling out of things... Bras, dresses, shirts, what have you, I just couldn't figure it out. How does that happen? I have never been very well endowed in that area, which is fine by me. Especially after experiencing the engorgement of breastfeeding and seeing how the other half lives, I really appreciate that part of my body even more. Of course, having a small chest means that "the girls" have always pretty much stayed where I put them. You guessed it, until now.

After the lovely deflation that occured when I stopped breastfeeding (as I have said about every other part of my body after pregnancy), the size is the same but the shape is very different. I am no longer afforded the luxury of not wearing a bra if I don't feel like it, or wearing a low cut shirt without the fear of things... ahem... shifting. This is especially true when I'm wearing a bathing suit. While things have worked out just fine in a docile swimming pool setting, the somewhat ferocious waves of the Atlantic proved to be quite another story.

A week ago today, we took a day trip to Disney's Vero Beach Resort and it was fabulous. The weather was perfect, the amenities of the resort were fantastic and it was a wonderful day. Having not swam in the ocean for many years, I thought I would take a quick dip. I was swiftly reminded why I love the beach but hate the ocean. Despite my husband's warnings, I went right in up to my waist and took somewhat of a beating. The waves suddenly got higher and I was pulled under, thrown around and tossed out onto the very shelly sand where I hacked to catch my breath... Oh yeah, and my boobs were out. Good Lord, this is a family place!!! Thankfully, while I was busy expunging the salt water from my lungs, Curt's cat-like reflexes kicked into high gear and he scooped those puppies up and put them back in their rightful place before anyone could even see a nipple.

While this event may have provided a small thrill for my dear baby's daddy, I decided that my time as a body surfer was over. For the rest of the day, I kept it rated G and stayed at the pool or on the sand where I belonged and soaked up the sun with my girl while she played with her sea shells. Who needs that rough old ocean anyway?


The Alrikabi's said...

Ahhhhhhh hahahahahahhahaha......

sara said...

That's right, laugh it up! You're next, my dear!!! :)