Random musings

Addie finally loves sleeping in her crib by herself and we have been without her in our bed for over three weeks. The downside to this is she no longer enjoys sleeping in her car seat and would rather whine incessantly. Yesterday on our way back from Owensboro, we listened to the song that always keeps her quiet no matter what, Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes, about 30 times in a row. I don't care how much I love Paul Simon--30 times is A LOT.

All of Addie's clothes from size 9mo - 12mo are piled up on our dining room table waiting to get sorted and stored away. If I don't get my butt in gear, we may never use that table for eating again.

Seeing all of those cute tiny clothes really makes me feel like I might be ready for baby #2. However, remembering the PUPPS rash I had when I was pregnant with Addie and the knowledge that statistically I will probably get it again, scares me enough to wait a bit longer.

I have most of what I need to start my little canning project. The plan is to give it a try this weekend. Lets hope my sister is in a domestic mood and won't mind giving me a hand.

If we don't fix the issues with our internet soon, I may be forced to use Firefox on my husband's profile forever which will surely make me lose my mind.

I can't stop thinking or talking about MIKA's new album. It has been out for over a month and I just got it on Friday. A month behind isn't too bad for a stay-at-home-mom in my book. It is fantastic. If you can listen to it without moving I will give you $100.

I had an allergy attack over the weekend that left me super congested and feeling icky in general. I was worried it was H1N1. Then I took a Benadryl, slept for 3 hours and felt better. Nope, not swine flu. But it scared me enough to convince me that I probably should get vaccinated.

I haven't been running since the 5K I did a few weeks ago. Not good.

After being a mom for almost 19 months, I have finally realized that there is no longer such a thing as having the laundry done. There will always be a load of laundry that needs washing. Always. Strangely, this is very freeing. I will never finish the laundry, so I can now stop trying. Aahhh...

OK I really won't give you $100 for the MIKA dance challenge. I'd like to, but such funds will likely be used to replace our router... again.

Strangely, as Addie's naps have gotten longer, so have my to-do lists. I'd better put a few things off and get in the shower before she wakes up or else I will go through the rest of my day feeling sticky from spilled yogurt and coffee. Priorities, people.

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Ash said...

Yay MIKA! Next time you are totally coming with me!