Reframing Halloween

Like most kids do, growing up I always had fun on Halloween. As I grew older and especially by the time I reached college, I developed a true distaste for this "holiday" that eventually grew into detest. I think getting dressed up is ridiculous and just the thought of all that candy makes my stomach hurt. For years I have done my best to disengage from all of the spooky craziness and watch romatic comedies at home by myself. Over time, I progressed to handing out candy to the 10 or so kids that come to our door, but that's about it.

Disclaimer: I have no judgement on people who think Halloween is the best day in the world. That is excellent, just not for me.

All of this has remained well and good, until I had a child. I had forgotten that for kids, Halloween is a really big deal. Last year I didn't get Addie a costume and I felt really bad about it after seeing other kids even smaller than her dressed up like little bugs or pea pods or what have you. I promised myself that next year I would not make the same mistake.

After very little debate, we came to the conclusion that this year for Halloween, Addie would be Nemo. My dad donated to the cause and I bought her what I considered to be an expensive, but really freakin' cute costume. In an effort to get all we can out of this get-up, we went to an event yesterday afternoon at The Disney Store. What transpired was adorable and hilarious.

As we were waddling through the parking lot a car came by blaring really loud music. My little fish, instead of stepping up onto the curb, broke into an impromptu dance right there in the street. Need I remind her of the events that transpired in our car only a few days ago? My goodness.

We were then bombarded by mall employees who gushed over her like crazy. The Disney Store was packed with kids and Addie was a bit bulky in costume, so we stayed by the entrance most of the time. Amidst a sea of princesses and pirates, she really stood out. There was a parade through the center of the mall and other kids' parents stopped to video tape my daughter as we walked by. Two girls who were working at a pretzel kiosk came up with a cinnamon pretzel and asked if they could give it to Nemo because she was the cutest thing they had ever seen. (If I knew we could get free pretzels out of this deal, I would have given in to all of it much sooner!)

Addie was oblivious to most of it and had a good time just pointing to the front of her costume saying, "Memo" over and over. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun and I am actually looking forward to the other events we plan to attend over the next week and a half. That's right, for the time being I am stripped of the title: Scrooge of Halloween and will simply enjoy watching my girl have a blast... While I eat the rest of her pretzel.

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