Tell me it isn't twue-- Addie is a tween!

I would hazard a guess that anyone who has ever thought about becoming a parent also has ideas about what kind of parent they may be. I would also guess that most people believe they will not be uncool moms or dads. Certainly, that was the case for me. I keep up with the times as far as fashion and music. I check out the latest comedies and dramas on TV and read at least some of the books that "everyone's talking about". I may not subscribe to everything (like plaid tunics with big belts and skinny jeans), but for the most part, I feel like I do OK. I'm not embarassing... right?

Today turned out to be an errand day for me and Addie. We went to story time again this morning and made it through the entire thing without any injuries. Hooray!!! We had lunch with Daddy, then a quick trip to Lowe's and there was an accidental detour into Old Navy. How that last thing happened, I'll never know.

In between one of our destinations, we were at a stop light and Katy Perry came on the radio. Instantly, I broke out into a car dance and about two seconds later, heard my child scream from the back seat. Addie has recently discovered the wonder that is self-assertion and frequently lets me know if she doesn't approve of whatever we are listening to, so I didn't think much of it.

But then I turned around and saw a look I hadn't seen before--a hint of attitude, a furrowed brow, and a slightly open mouth. She was shaking her head at me. I asked her if she liked the song and her expression changed. Eyebrows up, with a slight smile, she nodded her head. OK, I thought, and went back to my moves. Screams again. I turned around once more to see the same dreadful look on her face again. I hesitated, then asked, "Do you not like Mommy's dancing?" She shook her head, "No."

Really? I thought I had at least a few more years before she would find my dancing objectionable. I wasn't even doing anything crazy. Just a little bopping around with a shoulder groove here and there. Were my Lorelai and Rory dreams just crushed before my very eyes by my almost 19-month-old daughter? Sigh. I resigned myself to just singing along softly and kept my moves to a minimum.

Maybe it was just a slight mood swing and I shouldn't take it to heart. But really, who knows how much longer I will be able to get away with these things in Addie's presence? For now I will do my best to shrug it off and treasure all of the little girl moments I can, because they really are going by way to fast. In the meantime, I shall blame my Old Navy interlude on a desperate attempt to revive my hopes of being a cool mom.

You change your mind
Like a girl changes clothes... 

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