What to do

There is a saying about the weather in Kentucky: if you don't like it, just wait five minutes. How true. We have had a mixture of cold and rainy, cloudy and muggy, warm and sunny all week long. Sometimes I love the days when we are forced indoors and time can be spent reading and snuggling, but then there are weeks like this when I am desperate to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall colors while I can.

The past few days have been a challenge and with no storytime yesterday I thought I was going to burst! We made it through with the best tools available: Addie's crayon box and some plain white paper. What do we do on an inside afternoon? We color of course!!!

For some reason, the last few weeks I had completely forgotten about this little stash of ours and coloring was left out of our schedule. What! How in the world could I cast aside one of our (my) absolute favorite pasttimes? No more, I say!

I drew a pumpkin and Addie spent a good while adding her own artistic touches. We laughed, looked at the pictures I took and had a great time creating together. One of these days I will make a portfolio of all her work so I can flip through it like a coffee table art book. I can't think of anything better to display in our living room.


Anonymous said...

She's absolutely adorable. My little one loves to color too, though she spends more time getting marker on her than on the paper!

sara said...

Thank you so much! This was actually a breakthrough day becuase for the first time, I didn't have to keep her from eating the crayons! It's the little triumphs, you know!