Christmas knitting

I started my serious Christmas gift planning about a month ago and I think I finally might have everything I need. I have been gathering my Christmas yarn all year long--at least, that's what I tell myself in July while I'm buying $35 worth of wool that feels so good on my fingers I can't pass it up. As I was bouncing ideas off of my husband, he just laughed at me and told me it was too early. Really? Is October too early? Not when we're talking about a lot of kids' gifts and a wife who is not the fastest knitter in the world.

Well now it's November, which could be my favorite month of the year, and I am slightly concerned over how I will complete all of my projects by Dec. 25th. Actually, it's even before then, as I need to ship several of these gifts all over the country. Panic. Gather. Breathe.

I think I have around 20 projects I hope to complete this fall, which seems like a lot, but hopefully won't be that bad. A few fingerless gloves here, a lot of hats there, maybe a coveted dishcloth thrown in if things get tight... So what if I'm listening to the final episodes of Project Runway more than I'm watching as my fingers click away on the needles? If there is anything better than getting a handmade gift, it's giving one. I'll work to that!

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