Hitting the ceiling, and it ain't glass

Today is my mom's birthday. In an effort to celebrate her and all that she is in our lives, I planned to write a sort of tribute to her and her craftiness. I took pictures of all the things she has made for Addie, from a woven blanket to cross stitched bibs to a gorgeous handsewn baptismal gown that she made from my wedding dress. That's right, handsewn.

But alas, for whatever reason, the camera isn't working and I can't figure out how to upload the pictures onto our computer. Really? Are you kidding me? I guess I shouldn't be that surprised when this is how the entire week has been...

Feeling exhausted from our weekend trip, I had a lot of difficulty getting motivated on Monday. I usually unpack, clean and get on track even after just one night away relatively quickly. The bag of dirty clothes sat in our kitchen for three days before I decided to deal with it.

Addie chipped my Madonna and Child statue I got from my father-in-law for Mother's Day AND broke the zipper on the bag of knitting supplies my grandma gave me. Both of these things happened during a quick trip to the bathroom. I swear, I couldn't even pee without some kind of disaster. I think that actually might be one of the things I miss most about working outside the home: peeing in peace and in private.

I ate an entire 9 x 9 casserole dish of corn pudding this week by myself. When I told him I made it, my husband's exact words were, "No thanks. Corn and bread together in a pudding? That's what you love, honey, not me." Fine. I'll eat it myself. And I did.

And last but not least, my monthly bill that has taken its sweet time getting here (9 days late, to be exact) woke me up an hour early this morning with cramps from hell that radiated down my legs. Happy Friday! I'm definitely not pregnant so I can continue to have as much coffee as I wish, which is a LOT, but get ready for nine extra days worth of fun, funFUN!

Sigh. It has always been important to me to keep this space from becoming a sort of dumping place to confess the ugly side of motherhood. While I always want to be honest, I feel like there are enough places where mommy rants and raves are abundant, and I want to keep the focus on the humor and beauty that I try to find every day. This week, that has been tough.

I don't know if it's the raging hormones from Aunt Flo taking her sweet old time, or that I miss having my grandma here much more than I thought I would. For whatever reason, I find myself typing the blues and I'm working on feeling like that is OK. After all, as a stay-at-home mom, sometimes there are weeks that are just hard and there's not much to be done about it. I can wait for Daddy to get home and then break into the stash of good wine, but until then, it's me and Addie for better and for worse. Here's to looking forward to next week--it's got to be better!

Oh, and Mom--I love you. Have a Happy, Happy Birthday!!!


Lee Zuhars said...

Sara, sorry you are having it bottom lip is stuck out for you right now (you know the face you always make). I am positive it will be better--chin up Girl!
Love you, Lee

sara said...

You did it!!! I'm so happy to have a comment from you on here. :)
Thanks for the encouragement. Miss you!