Living room shopping

Addie is still suffering from some sort of something... I think what started out as allergies has morphed into a yucky cold with a little teething mixed in. This has left us trapped inside in an effort to keep her from spreading the love and contracting anything worse.

It's funny how staying home can be so exhausting. Lack of sleep mixed with feeling like I've already pulled out all the stops has me less than inspired with fun activities. This week we spiced up the usual routine by making a tent, creating a new container for Regan's cat food and waving good-bye to all of the trucks and school buses that drive by our house in the afternoon.

What are we left with? Shopping. All morning Addie went through the house with her shopping cart and filled her bag with only the essentials. Just what are the essentials to an almost 20-month-old? I'm so glad you asked.

A piece of ripped paper (a grocery list or perhaps a coupon), some mustard, a cell phone and a bracelet made by Aunt Kate...
You know, the basics.

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