The past four days

We were blessed with a fabulous respite from our daily routine and four days with lots and lots of family surrounding us and our girl. My favorite highs and lows from our trip...

~ Suffering through Addie throwing a major tantrum the first night away at the horror of having to sleep in her Pack 'n Play three feet away from us. At one point in her 40-minute-long screaming, growling, stomping fit I actually yelled from our bed, "Out demon!" It didn't work.

~ Enjoying the Clayton family fare--enough to feed the army that we are.

~ Listening to our husbands laughing at us as my cousin-in-law and I enjoyed bourbon slushies while the men corralled the kids, if only for a moment.

~ Chasing and tackling Curt's four-year-old Godchild and tickling him until his giggles turned into squeals.

~ A lovely nighttime drive through Kentucky and Indiana on Thanksgiving night with Addie asleep in the back and Curt and I laughing and chatting together... Until, in the bleak darkeness that is Hoosier National Forest, we hit an animal that smashed in a part of the grill and left a disgusting tuft of fur under the car. Luckily there was no permanent damage.

~ Keeping my family up as late as possible in fear of putting Addie to bed and having to endure another frightening Pack 'n Play episode. Luckily there was just the one.

~ Sitting down to leftover Thanksgiving dinner with my husband, daughter, parents, sisters, brothers-in-law and grandma. I swear that food is better reheated.

~ Getting a call from our dear friend and neighbor Kim, reporting that Hancock Fabrics had a huge online sale. My sisters and I sat side-by-side with our laptops open and credit cards in hand. Fantastic!

~ Watching Addie learn how to blow bubbles and the face she made when the wand touched her lips and got soap in her mouth.

~ Knitting in the middle of the day while Addie and my mom played together tirelessly.

~ Knowing that this time, when we said goodbye, it will only be four weeks until my sisters and I can see each other again.

~ Opening a gift from my Aunt Joan: framed copies of two pen and ink drawings by my late grandmother. She died when my dad was eleven and any piece of heritage from her is a true treasure--I can't wait to find the perfect place for them in our home.

~ Skyping with my cousin, Laura in New York, sneaking a peak into her apartment and her life in the big city.

~ A short but very sweet escape with Curt to have a baby-free lunch and shopping trip, which included a stop at Trader Joe's and the purchase of a few cases of the highly coveted "Two Buck Chuck."

~ Quieting Addie when she shouted out for her Pepere after realizing that he is the man in the pulpit at church. I think my dad secretly loved it too.

~ Having the peace of a quiet ride home. Addie slept, Daddy drove, Mommy knit and no animals were harmed.

~ Coming home to find that our orchid is not only alive but also bearing new buds.

We are oh so tired but already looking forward to the festivities to come in just under a month, along with all the stories they bring.


Dilly said...

Oh sweet coz, it was lovely Skyping with you too!

Want another insight into big city life? In NYC it's Four Buck Chuck. HA!

sara said...

LOL--that's still not a bad deal! Really, for cheap wine, it's quite good.