Priceless memories

Today we are taking my grandma back home to Indianapolis. I was just telling Sweetie this morning that I will be lonely next week without her, and I think Addie will be too. I am so grateful that she was able to come down, share our week with us and make some incredible memories. Some of the things I am most thankful for, and what I will miss the most...

~ Hearing anecdotes about Sweetie's childhood and her marriage to my Pop-pop.

~ Addie mixing in Gi-Gi with Mommy and Daddy when she cries out from her crib in the morning.

~ Having help with keeping Addie occupied, especially when it's time to make dinner.

~ Addie grabbing Gi-Gi's hand after breakfast and leading her to the couch for their morning story time.

~ All four of us sitting down together as a family for a tasty evening meal.

~ Cocktail hour.

~ Hearing Addie and her Gi-Gi playing and laughing while I grab a few moments to myself at the computer.

~ Impromptu lunch out after story time at the library.

~ Trying to take a picture of Addie and her Gi-Gi without a book in between them.

~ Conversing with my Sweetie as fellow mothers, sharing stories about parenting and learning from her wisdom.

~ Addie using Gi-Gi's cane as a walking stick, wand and whatever else is in that precious little imagination!

Thank you, Sweetie for taking a break from your life to come down and experience a slice of ours. We love you and can't wait to have you come again!

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