The zoo

While I was out experiencing the great shopping expedition of 2009 on Saturday, the rest of my family took Addie to the Indianapolis Zoo. I finally got out the camera to see what they were up to, and boy does it look like they had fun!

She explored the playground with my dad...

And went down the slide like a big girl for the first time, even though she's still trying to suck on those two fingers while she does it!

She went to the petting zoo and actually touched an animal!

I'm not exactly sure what she's looking at here, but my best guess would be Nemo. He's still very popular around here, you know.


Dennis said...

Who the hell is that old man crouched over with your daughter???

sara said...

Oh, you stop it! I thought the pictures of the two of you together were adorable! I have some others that I'll have to get to you. Cute Addie with her Pepere! (PS--she's been pronouncing it correctly this week so you can let your Pee-pay worries go!) ;)