Daddy's girl

I don't know if it's because I'm now home with Addie all day every day, or if it's just a phase, but this girl is head over heels in love with her Daddy. All day long she pretends to call Daddy on the phone and at least once we will call him for real. She looks up at me and says, "Gaggy?" at least 20 times and each time I reply with, "Daddy is at work." Then she nods as if to say, "Yes Mommy, I know."

If she even thinks she hears the garage door opening, she runs over to the door in our kitchen and waits for him to burst through--upon which I hear squeals of delight and, "Gaggy!!! Hold me, hold me!!!" Curt responds with an enthusiastic, "Hi, bug!" and he carries her back into the living room where I am waiting for them both. He is holding our girl close and up high, and she has the biggest smile on her face. Yes, my loves, Daddy is home.

At first, it kind of hurt my feelings. Where is the excitement to see Mommy? Why do I only seem to hear desperate calls for Mommyyyy!!! in the middle of the night, when there is something wrong or when there is an injury of some kind? It's nice to be the nurturer, but secretly, just once I'd like to make an entrance as the hero of the day.

I know, I know... I suppose I am a hero, just of another sort. I kiss the owies, refill the juice, change the sheets, prepare the meals, clean the messes, etc. etc. I tickle, I play, I scold, I laugh... But still, I am not as cool as Daddy.

After all, who else would give her cookies for breakfast? Who else would toast her with apple slices and a resounding, "Cheers!"?

Who else would teach her to hit her golf ball in the house? Or, that when she hits it into a stack of toys she should throw up her hands and yell, "GOAL!!!"? That's right, none other than her "Gaggy".

All jealousy and other things aside, I actually love the relationship that Addie and Curt have. It is so amazing to see their incredible connection, and he is a really good Dad. They are pals, they are father and daughter, they are the loves of my life. One of these days I'm sure I'll have my moment in the sun. Until then, I will bask in the shade, grab the camera, and watch their magic.


Dilly said...

Reading your blog makes my heart so full! Thank you, sweet coz, for sharing your life with us.

All my love to you and your family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


sara said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words. I'm glad this space can help connect us! I hope your holidays were full of magic and beauty. Hugs to you!