Fountain Coke, miracle cure

This morning I woke up feeling... Well... Not so great. It seems that I might have gone a little overboard in celebration of the big victory for UK at Madison Square Gardens last night. Who do I call in sick to? Oh yes, that's right, no one.

I trudged around, ate some cold leftover homemade pizza, drank some strong coffee and faked it with the babe. Still, I felt like Crappy Craptastigan. It's been a while since I've enjoyed the feeling of the morning after polishing off a bottle of wine. What would be my cure? Then it hit me: I was jonesing for a Big Mac and a Coke.

As soon as Elmo's World (Addie's only regularly scheduled and allowed TV program) was over, I bundled her up and we were on our way for Mommy's fix. Fifteen minutes later, we were back home enjoying lunch. Now Addie only gets fast food on rare occasions--it doesn't happen often and it's usually when we're traveling or out for the day. I'm sure she was wondering what was so special about today. I'll never tell.

Addie ate her nuggets and I devoured my high fat and calorie lunch. And I drank my Coke. I can't tell you the last time I had a regular Coke--it's been at least a year. I had forgotten how fabulous they are. Addie must have noticed my excitement because she was begging for a sip. I held her off for a while, but finally I caved.

Honestly, she never gets soft drinks. I mean, never. But the look on her face when this beverage crossed her lips was priceless and worth my guilt. She looked so confused feeling the carbonation in her mouth... Then that look turned into one of pure joy. She smiled, looked up at me and said, "More!" Great, another addict is born.

I let her have a few more sips and when she once again asked for more, I told her she had enough and that it was just a special treat. No kidding. I will confess, I am not proud of how our morning and lunch went. There were no exciting activities and there was minimal nutrition involved. But really, how often do The Cats play at The Garden? Almost never.

After my calorie fest and delicious Coke, I feel much better, so our afternoon is looking up. I will just have to cross this morning off as a big time Mommy blunder and do my best to move on. Now, while I wait for my angel to wake up from her slumber, I think I'll go catch a few moments of the DVRed finale of The Biggest Loser.

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