Frustration station

This morning I attempted to do what turned out to be the impossible: take a picture of Addie for our Christmas card. I had the lighting set perfectly, the camera on the tripod, Addie dressed in an understated wintery outfit and props galore. All I needed was a little cooperation. Did I get it? Of course not.

What I did get was a series of outtakes. I am sure that somewhere down the road I will look at these and laugh. But not today. (Brace yourself, there are many photos to follow.)

This was before the photo shoot even began. God help us,
she's already into heels!

Then it was onto the set. We started out with a book that Addie was so into, she couldn't be bothered to look up.


OK, maybe Santa will help. I tried everything to work a smile out of this girl... Dancing, singing, even making fart noises. Nothing.

New book. I put a Lamaze Octopus on my head and played a song on its tentacles... Nothing.

Then doing the exact opposite of what I wanted her to do became a game. Make me, Mommy! Oh, how I tried!

By this point I was so furiously frustrated and ready to throw a tantrum that could rival even one of Addie's worst. Just. Walk. Away.

We took a yogurt break and then tried again, this time with different props: The Nativity. She loved Joseph just a little too much...

I hit the shutter at the exact wrong time...

And then, little Ms. looked at me as if to say, "Can I help you?"

If the true spirit of this event were captured in a card from the Clayton's, it would be a picture of me beating my head against a wall. Not exactly tidings of comfort and joy. Finally I took the hint and put my pride away with the camera. Today would not be the day to take this photo, at least not when I'm the only one home.


Anonymous said...

Gigi and Memere vote for any of the book photos (except the sneeze) as they remind us of her mommy. or the loving Joseph pose - can't beat adoration of good old St. Joe.

sara said...

What's wrong with reminding you of her mommy? :)
No worries--I think somewhere in there is the perfect photo. I just have to calm down enough to see it!