It's here

The Nativity.

A tree that smells oh so good.

A little girl ready to open presents.

A brand new dress for her to wear to Christmas Mass.

It's here... Christmas is finally here.

After all of those weeks of hard work, I managed to finish my knitting this morning. If that isn't a Christmas miracle, I don't know what is! Really, I think the happiest person of all is my husband, who jumped up and down with me when I told him I was done.

This day, Christmas Eve Day, may be my favorite day of the year. So much togetherness, tradition, warmth and love. The food tastes better, the Mass somehow feels more holy (even though it's much more crowded), the hot chocolate is smoother, the laughter is louder and more genuine, anticipation is wildly contageous. All of the work and thought put into these days will be felt and realized. Magic.

I wish you all the most joyous of days today and tomorrow. Let's all remember the true reason for this day and rejoice in the blessings we have in the ones we love. Have yourselves a merry little Christmas! 

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