Every year at Christmas I say I'm not going to overwhelm myself with a handmade gift list and guess what? Every year it's the same. In fact, I think it's getting worse. I've added canning, knitting and sewing to my craft repertoire and to reflect that, I planned to make all of these wonderful things for our loved ones. The only problem is that it's December 4th. I have 20 days to finish everything. And I have a 20-month-old. No excuses, just facts.

My fabric order hasn't come in yet... issue.

I still can't figure out how to "safely eject" the SD card from our computer so I can take some freakin' photos... issue.

Addie only sleeps 13 hours a day... issue.

Must shower... issue.

Eight or so hats left to knit, not counting my husband's... issue.

I only have two hands... issue.

Oh yeah, and have I mentioned we're thinking about having another baby? (Insert howls of laughter.) I don't even know if that could be called an issue--it's probably something much worse--like something diagnosable.

If I wanted to speak the way the media thinks one from Kentucky should, I would say I overdone did it. But, I know I'm not alone. I think most crafters end up in this same predicament during that magical period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If only we weren't so ambitious. Not to mention all of the fabulous new ideas that are thrown out at the last minute that surely we could squeeze into our schedules. Curse you, Martha Stewart! CURSE YOU!!!

Speaking of the golden goddess of crafting, yesterday I caught a brief segment of the MS Show detailing how to make glittery golden christmas trees out of old magazines. They were lovely and looked like something one would pay at least $25 for at Target. My eyes lit up and I grabbed an old issue of Fitness because, lets face it, nothing interesting is happening there. I made about three folds before Addie put her hand on my hand, looked up at me and said, "No, Mommy."

Thank heavens someone in this outfit has a little bit of sense. You are right, my love. No, Mommy. My list is abundantly full and will suffice, sans golden glittery christmas tree. Besides, there's always next year.


TRO said...

Oh, MY! From one crafter to another I laughed till I cried. Don't know if it was nature or nurture (or perhaps competition with Aunt Jo) but my apologies for any part I may have played in your affliction - none the less, it's so much more fun than just buyin' somethin' at Target!

sara said...

Thanks, Mom! It really is lots of fun--when else do I have an excuse to "project" into the wee hours of the morning and then consume coffee in excess all day long?