Plan B

Over the weekend, as I worked like a crazy woman to sew 7 fleece blankets, I thought to myself: I'm right on schedule--the only thing that could throw a wrench in my plans is if someone gets sick. Way to go thoughts. As it turns out, that someone was me.

Sunday Curt wasn't feeling too well and whatever it was came my way yesterday. It felt like a bazarre mixture of food poisoning and the flu. I kept telling myself that since this seemed very similar to what my hubby had, at least this would likely only last one day, even if it was the one day he had to work late. Addie and I managed to make it through, and I got next to nothing else accomplished.

The funny thing about being a SAHM when you're sick, is that there's no one there to bail you out or help when you most need it. No one was there to pull my child off of me when she used my body as a human jungle gym and every touch on my achy limbs produced throbs of pain. No one was there when she was done napping but I wasn't. And no one was there to make me chicken and dumplings that I knew would warm me up and make me feel better.

Truth be told, it sucked. During Addie's nap, I hobbled my sorry sick butt into the kitchen and put together a subpar version of the chidken and dumplings I craved. I crawled into bed and found my saving grace--the Turner Classic Movie channel, which aired Swiss Family Robinson the first half of nap time and Gone With the Wind after my babe went to bed. Two big doses of comfort! Ah the power of old movies. Love.

I hated to think that all of my hard and endless work over the past few weeks may have contributed to my illness. But in the spirit of swift healing, I decided that I would not work on Christmas stuff yesterday--not even knitting. I took a break, rested fully and woke up this morning feeling much better. Huge sigh of relief.

Now it's back to business. I lost a day. One whole day. Must reassess, rearrange and regroup. Knit, bake, paint, knit, cut, paste, knit!!! 


Lee Zuhars said...

It's business. It's business time, baby....

Kate said...

I was watching Gone With the Wind on TCM last night too!!! Hooray for long distance sister bonding!

sara said...

Actually Lee, there is no time for "business time"! LOL!!!

Kate, last night they played Casablanca. I only got to see a few minutes before I fell asleep but it was fantastic to hear Bogie's voice as I drifted off... Hooray for TCM!!!