Santa's workshop

Now that I've finally been able to give a few of the gifts I've been working on, I can share the finished products with you! These are some of the hats I created in the last month or so. Still, I have a few more to go, but I'm in the home stretch for sure.

I didn't use a pattern for any of them, but took some notes before I shipped them off. Hopefully in the coming weeks, I will be able to edit those notes into something that will make sense so you can recreate them if you like. I purchased all of my yarn from Rebelle and used Blue Sky Alpacas worsted 100% organic cotton for everything--it is quite soft and feels so amazing to my fingertips, I love working with this yarn! 

These are sister hats--the light pink one for an infant and the dark pink for the older sibling. Matchy, but not too much.

In the same striped pattern, but with a ribbed headband, I also did some brother hats. The colors look a bit off in this photo, as what seems a bit orange here is actually a beautiful red. When I was making it, I began to dream of a hat for me in that same color. We shall see.

Then for the hipster cousins in the family, I had to do something a little bit different. I used five different colors to create all the stripes. A little more funky than the two toned hats.

Last but not least, with the help of my hubby, I created this hat with a bit more fancy. (It was Curt's idea to leave the holes for lacing in some ribbon. Good one, babe!) After it was finished, I fell head over heels!
Love it and can't wait to make more!

Also, here are a few of the fleece blankets I did over the weekend. A huge "Thank You!" to Kim who tutored me in her masterful ways of creating these fantastic cozy blankets. I'm a little sad I'm done with them, actually. I can definitely see many more of these in our future. And I can't wait to see Addie's face when she opens hers on Christmas Eve!


Jenn said...

What great gifts! And I LOVE the fancy hat. That one is so sweet!!

Kate said...

I absolutely ADORE the 'fancy' hat with the ribbon laced through! I can just a little girl in a frilly dress en route to Christmas Eve church with a wool coat and her fancy knitted hat on!

TJ Clayton said...

Hey Sara! Thank You so much for the hat! Ella loves it! She was very excited to get an early Christmas present! Hope you guys have a wonderful Holiday!

Lee Zuhars said...

Great job! Love everything! Hopefully for next year you (and myself also) can get an earlier start on the knitting so as you eliminate the added stress!!!

sara said...

Thanks everyone! Really, although I'm busy as ever, I'm having way too much fun!

TJ, Ella is more than welcome. I hope I can keep making her fun things that match her personality.