Tree trimming

Last Christmas I remember telling my mom and my sister how much I was looking forward to celebrating with Addie this year. I had all of these fantasies about putting ornaments on the tree with her and baking and decorating cookies together. The two early childhood development experts in the family exchanged are you kidding me looks and then proceeded to tell me that I might be getting ahead of myself. "Maybe in a few more years," they said.

I have always been horrible at guessing kids' ages and I'm apparently even worse at knowing what is age-appropriate developmentally. Of course, Addie is teaching me every day what she is able to do and where I might be expecting a bit much out of her.  We haven't gotten around to the cookies yet, but in decorating the tree I was in for a huge awakening. For instance, instead of happily handing her an ornament and watching her find the perfect bough on which to place it, I stood with my hands inches away from anything I let her touch praying she wouldn't throw it down, try to eat it or smash it beneath her shockingly strong baby fingers.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to find our stuffed nativity that I had forgotten all about nestled in the ornaments box.

I was able to spend some time decorating our tree while Addie found the perfect place for Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. When I turned around and saw where she thought the Holy Family would find peace, comfort and safety, I burst out laughing and grabbed the camera.

My 2008 fantasy wasn't exactly realized this year, but Addie and I were able to enjoy the time spent ornamenting the tree together, if each in our own way. Happy Advent!


Lee Zuhars said...

cute, cute, cute!

Anonymous said...

You need to send the cat photo into some contest somewhere. It's a riot!

Carmen said...

1. I think the picture of her just looking at the book is so sweet! You could totally use it, I know not exactly what you wanted, but I think it's darling!
2. Classic ReRe! Guess he's not into the birth of Jesus. :)

sara said...

I thought about making the title of this blog: Baby Jesus, run for your life!!!
Then I thought it might be rather blasphemous and decided against it. Even though it does capture the spirit of our stealthy predator, Regan.