You two are driving me crazy!!!

I have had my cat, Regan for almost nine years now. This boy is a beast. He has been on weight control cat food since he was a year old and has clocked in at a whopping 20+ lbs for as long as I can remember. We have tried many diets, none of which have worked, and he is about as crabby as he is fat.

We were always nervous about how he would be with Addie and much to our surprise, he has been amazing. She loves on him rather violently and he takes it with little to no protesting. However, as Ms. Sassy Pants has gotten bigger and only recently surpassed Regan in size, she has become more and more interested in him and their relationship has grown to become more complicated.

The other day Curt asked her what her name was and she confidently replied, "Addie!" We pointed to Regan and asked if she knew what his name was and she nodded with, "Meow." Yes, she has lovingly renamed our only pet and it is hilarious. Whenever she sees him it's always, "Hi, Meow!" or, "No, no, Meow!" She even tells him night-night almost every evening.

They are two peas in a pod--adorable, snuggly, mischevous and a touch of crazy. The other day I was trying to make dinner and they were playing, i.e. Addie was aggravating Regan, he was crying out in protest and they both kept coming back for more. I told her to leave him alone. I told him to go away where she coudln't bother him. Neither of them chose to listen to me and the banter continued.

After about five minutes, I sort of lost it and yelled that the cat was about to be banished to the garage and Addie was about to sit in her high chair alone if they didn't quit--and I mean it!!! They turned and looked at me as if to say, "Geez Mom, we were just playing. Calm down!" and a few minutes later they grew bored with each other and moved on to other less obnoxious activities.

Lately this has been a daily occurance. She annoys him, he just lays there and annoys the rest of us by crying and I come closer and closer to losing my mind. It's a good thing they are so darn cute.


Carmen said...

Good ole ReRe!

sara said...

Some things never change!