Almost tear free morning

As soon as I became a SAHM I joined the Mom's group at our parish. We have meetings two mornings a month and free childcare is provided. I love the chance to connect with other moms and give Addie an opportunity to be away from me and stretch her independence, if only for 90 minutes. Wouldn't it be lovely if she felt the same way?

Ever since I started attending meetings, leaving Addie in the nursery has been a true challenge. As soon as she sees me walking down the hall, she starts with the, "No, no, no!" and the moment we walk through the door she begins bawling and tries to permanently attach herself to my body.

When we went a few weeks ago, I could hear her screaming (and I mean as though she was being violently assaulted) for 30 minutes into our meeting and I had to go and get her out of there. Not because I couldn't take it emotionally, but because it was causing such a disruption. She was in the arms of a very sweet woman, trying her best to calm my girl. Addie's face and ears were bright red, her eyes and lips were swollen and her face was covered with tears and snot. My goodness.

Needless to say, this morning I was dreading another trip to the nursery. Addie and I talked about it and she seemed cheerful enough about the whole thing. OK, we'll give it another try. This time, I stayed in the room with her for quite a while in an attempt to calm her down and acclimate her to the environment that she has been far too distraught to notice before. Finally, it was time for me to leave as I was already quite late for my meeting. She freaked out for a minute, but all through the rest of the morning, I heard no desperate cries coming from down the hall.

When it was time to pick her up, I peeked in the window and Addie's face was its normal color. She didn't have any signs of tears on her cheeks and she actually seemed to be playing with one of the women inside. WHAT!!! When she saw me, she didn't begin screaming, she just reached out and said, "Hold me." WHAT!!! I was so excited to have a mostly painless trip to the Mom's group that I brought my big girl home and made her some cookies. Well, break and bake cookies, but hey--they still get the wow factor around here.

Good job, little bug! I'm so proud of you!


Anonymous said...

Aww...she's becoming a big girl. :) She is such a cutie!

Tina Lair

sara said...

Thank you, Tina! She is getting way too big way too fast. :)