Following the path

In the true spirit of Mommy Honesty, I have to admit... last night I did not cast on a new project. :(  No, indeed. Still in a crafting funk. Still in need of that burst of inspiration in the form of motivation. For some reason I either end up knitting like a freak for weeks on end or not knitting at all. I am so envious of all the knitting bloggers out there who have unknowingly served as my mentors. They do a little bit each day and have worked that rhythm into their routine. I need to find a way to do that. Hmmm...

Perhaps it would help to not become distracted by other aspirations of taking up and learning an additional skill. Like quilting. I wish I could say this was an original progression, but as many of the other mom and crafting blogs out there will attest, I'm just getting sucked into the path that so many have taken before me. First of course, it was the knitting and now that I've gotten comfortable with my basic skill level, it's time to move on and add another textile into my repertoire.

For months, I have been browsing through fabrics and finally came across several fat quarter bundles that called out to me from their sale bin. As soon as I figure out what in the world I am doing, all of these will one day become a quilt for Addie's big girl bed. At least I can rest assured that we are quite a ways away from this transition so I have plenty of time to find a tutorial that fits the ideas bopping around in my head.

I love the simple and traditional prints mixed in with a few that are modern, and am confident that these will one day come together and turn into something really lovely. In the meantime, Addie and I keep getting them out to play with. She will entertain herself for quite a while just stacking, unstacking, moving piles of fabric around, putting them away and getting them out again. It's so fun to watch. Of course, I have to have my fun as well. Although my creativity looks somewhat different from hers...

Yes, Mommy just meshes everything together in a pile on the floor and imagines what it will all look like once it is bound together in one warm, beautiful quilt. Someday.


Den Bräckliga said...

Oh, the fabric is lovely! Just wish I had a tiny bit of creativity (or creativeness or what ever it's called, my english seem to be asleep at the moment) in my body... But no. Still about to figure out what my skills are. Really.
Bet she'll have the most gorgeous quilt when she's grown into her big bed!

sara said...

I love the fabric too--I need to find a way to get ahold of more of it in case I need to make 2 quilts!

It has taken me almost 30 years to find my creative side-you've got one, I know it!