Not so funny when it's true

My favorite stand-up comedy routine of all time is Bill Cosby Himself. It is timeless (well, the humor is, but not his suit), hilarious and nearly void of all the profanity that litters stand-up today. If you have not seen this, go get it. Right now. Watch it this weekend and laugh and laugh until you can't breathe.

The parenting segments are especially my favorite. Whether it's his kids thinking their names are Dammit and Jesus Christ or how parents view "poo-poo" in the first months of a baby's life, it is just so funny. Except when it's true.

This morning Addie was wandering around while Curt was getting ready for work. When she started taking things out from under our bathroom sink and putting them in her mouth, he told her that we only eat things that come from the kitchen. Then he asked her where the kitchen is. She looked up at him, shrugged her shoulders and said, "I dunno." Now, this girl knows where the kitchen is. She knows where her favorite snacks are kept and she knows how to drag us by our fingers into the heart of the home to get her what she wants.

For some reason she thought it would be cute to just give the easy answer that she doesn't know. Then she didn't have to show us anything. How could she show us where the kitchen is if she truly has no idea where to find it? This has been happening more and more frequently. If she is in the middle of something and we ask her a question that she doesn't have time to deal with, she simply responds with, "I dunno!" thinking that she can just keep on going with her activity uninterrupted.

Oh Dr. Cosby, how you know. If only I had spent more time taking notes instead of getting a stitch in my side while listening to your wise words from 1983. Perhaps this should be required viewing material for soon-to-be new parents. We can laugh ourselves silly until our children are born and then shake our heads at how true it all was when those anecdotes come to fruition before our very eyes.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm in the mood for some chocolate cake!


em said...

This makes me happy on so many levels.

sara said...

I'm glad. It makes me happy and crazy all at the same time. Such is motherhood!