Quilt-along week one

The assignment for this week was to choose and prepare your fabrics. Well, I am excited to say I'm half way there! Last night I ventured out of the house and with the help of my friend, Kim we were able to choose this coordinating set for my first quilt. I wish I knew of a small locally owned fabric store in town, but until I find one, it's the big chains for now. These are from M'Liss' Fresh From the Garden line at Hancock Fabrics.  Drumroll, please!

I love the whimsy of the larger prints and the colors remind me of a spring or fall picnic. Hopefully that is what this will be used for. The colorful print across the bottom will mingle with the others and also be the back of the quilt. The green fabric will serve as the binding.

Now it's time to wash, dry and iron these beauties so they are all ready for week two. I can't wait to get cutting and working on bringing this project to fruition!

p.s. A friend on Facebook suggested that I try and work with some recycled/repurposed fabric. I will definitely be on the lookout for a pattern that would be more friendly to an eclectic mix, maybe for project #2. If you have any ideas of where I could find one or if you've done one yourself, please let me know!

UPDATE: Ok, so I started searching on Etsy for upcycled fabric and HO-LY CRAP there are some beautiful and really reasonably priced vintage and repurposed items to be had. Uh-oh.

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