Addie's second Christmas proved to be quite a bit more exciting than her first. At nearly 21-months-old she was really into opening gifts, wearing her Christmas dress and being showered with endless attention. So many images over the last two weeks warm my heart and make today a little bit sweeter while we miss Daddy back at work.

Santa brought a new kitchen and a table & chair set. Little Ms. was quite pleased to say the least!

Papaw's gift of a pretend fish tank was a huge hit.

Then it was off to Indy to see my side of the family. The tradition of my dad reading The Christmas Story continued, even if Addie's attention wandered.

Yeah, she likes presents.

Especially if it's Elmo.

Or Nemo.

She had more fun with Uncle "Bip"'s new iPod Nano than anyone else.

And we entered the new venture of washing our hands almost by ourselves with a little help from GiGi's gift--a step stool.

I must say, it is somewhat strange to be the Mommy at Christmastime. I deeply appreciate all of the work my parents put into making that time of year so special and meaningful to us kids. It is quite another thing to have all of that magic resting on your shoulders. We are still trying to figure out what traditions will be ours and it may take years before we find our Christmas rhythm. (It may take years before I find a make-ahead cinnamon roll recipe that seems reasonable, and until I do, it's Pillsbury y'all.)

Then again, maybe we have found our rhythm but it's me who needs to settle into it. Traditions do take time to build, but with my stubborn self, it will surely take a while for me to feel like it's ours. Until then, what we have managed to create is still pretty incredible and we have a girl who is none the wiser that it took Santa's helpers until 12:30 AM to get her kitchen furniture together. Christmas memories--best way to start the year.


Anonymous said...

Good to see Mr. Potato head in the mix. I hope he makes the cut as she sifts through her loot. I'm pulling for you Mr. Potato head!!!

Seriously, great pics. Looks like you all had a great xmas and Addie held it together like a champ. Can't say the same for Adam and Ryan. The over stimulation made their heads blow after xmas dinner at Gigi and Pawpaw's house.

Nathan and Lauren

sara said...

Poor guys. :( Addie did seem to manage alright, but that's probably because we divided the gift opening into many shifts. In total, it took about 3 1/2 days for her to get everything. Ridiculous? I think so!

p.s. I'm so happy you all made it on here!!!!!!