Last night I was super cranky. I was a frown-faced, don't bother me, leave me alone grump. No good. I could try and figure out why I was in such a nasty mood, but as I've discussed before, sometimes it's best to just accept the ickiness, go to bed and move on.

This morning I woke up feeling better, but restless. I had to clean this house immediately, so with a little help from my bug, I made a big dent in the work. And as a side note, if there was ever any doubt that she is my child, let her excitement about using a Swiffer lay any speculation to rest. As much as I love a clean kitchen, I think even moreso I love teaching her to say, "My turn, Mommy!" Not to share her favorite toy, but so she could have a chance to catch some crumbs of her own in those magic static dirt and hair catching cloths!  

Only half way done and I am already feeling deflated and exhausted and it's just barely noon. Good grief! As I trudged to the refrigerator to find something for lunch, I ran across this lovely reminder I made for myself last week.

Yes, mixed in with Addie's art and some of my favorite magnets is my word of the year. Not anything fancy--just a simple work of construction paper and jumbo crayon. Just enough to help me remember to take a step back, a deep breath and let a few things go. After all, we can't have cranky grumpy Mommy two nights in a row, can we?

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