She would like to thank The Academy

Every so often, Addie reminds me in a somewhat painful way that she is, in fact my daughter by displaying (ahem) a flair for drama. The other evening she was playing with one of her new chairs and despite our warnings, refused to sit on her bottom. She was on her knees, facing the back of the chair, and when she leaned forward, the chair tipped over and took her with it. Our girl was fine, but it definitely scared her and she flew into a massive crying/screaming fit.

I immediately grabbed her up and cuddled her on the couch explaining that's why we tell her to be careful, etc. etc. She was nestled into my chest until she decided to throw her head back in an exaggerated wail, all while she reached behind us for the box of tissues. She grabbed one, and began wiping her eyes as she continued to sob. There was nothing Curt and I could do to keep from laughing.

That is, until we caught the evil look our daughter shot at us for having the audacity to scoff at her pain. We quickly bit our lips (literally) and held it together until Ms. Addie calmed down. I mean, hilarious.

It's moments like these when I wonder what this incredible girl will choose to do with her talents as a young woman. Will she join a drama club? Will she take to the stage in the form of modern dance, or perhaps a show choir? Will she utilize these gifts in an entirely different way, channeling her passions for lobbying or some sort of sales (because lets face it, those folks are actors too, most of the time)?

Who knows. What I can say is that she is not even two years old and yes, she is that good. Drama, in its highest form. Whatever path she does choose, we will of course hand her our greatest support... even if it is masked in fits of laughter.


Den Bräckliga said...

Oh, how I wish you could read swedish now, as one of my recent words were about the same topic!
I told myself that I must be patient and wait untill (one day)the dramatic skills of my 6 year old will start to pay our bills as he must be a very talented actor.
For now, the skills more or less drive me mad...


sara said...

That is hilarious!!! I wish I could read Swedish as well--one of my very greatest hopes is that I will learn another language, so maybe this will be my motivation!

Perhaps one day our kiddo's will join forces to become an acting powerhouse! Then we will just have to sit back, munch on some popcorn and enjoy the show...