Starting somewhere

Through my weekend blog browsing, I found this lovely space along with the perfect project to get me started on my quest to become a quilter. I added the quilt-along button to my sidebar as a visual reminder that I can jump in with no fear and learn something new!

The first assignment is to choose and prepare your fabrics. The patterns I have for Addie's someday quilt are so precious to me, I am going to put those away and save them for when I have some clue what I am doing. This project is for a 50" x 60" lap quilt and my mind is working away to try and figure out what color scheme I want to go with. Or maybe I will just walk into a store and see what jumps out at me. That really is the best part anyway--letting creative impulses take over, grabbing bolt after bolt of material and deciding what works and what doesn't, feeling inspired by the surroundings of fellow crafters and supplies galore, and the excitement of a new project looming ahead that may or may not turn out the way you dream.

I will definitely keep this journey as transparent as possible in the coming weeks so stay tuned. I'm sure it will be an adventure!

What new projects are on your horizon as we come to the end of the first month of the year?


Carmen said...

Remember how when I made Addie's quilt you said, "I thought I knew you pretty well, yet somehow I didn't know you quilted," and I said, "Well I didn't until now." I taught myself (albeit on a very precious and ambitious project,not recommended, but you know I'm nuts), and you can too!!! Good luck, you can do it!

sara said...

Thanks, love! Oh I miss you soooo much!!! And in case I haven't told you enough, I LOVE the quilt you made for Addie. I can't say how many times I sit in her room rocking her and just stare at it. It is at the top of the list for things I would grab if there ever was a fire. So precious to me! Umm... even though it's technically hers! :)