That didn't take long

Yesterday afternoon I walked into Addie's kitchen space
to find this scene waiting for me...

I mean, I love this girl! In case you can't tell, the oven door is open, a cookie is sitting right on the burner of the stove and Elmo's lifeless body is laying in the fridge. Poor Elmo.

After a while, I brought Addie over and asked her if she thought we should take Elmo out of the refrigerator. She looked me in the eyes with her infamous furrowed brow, said, "No, Mommy." and walked away. Well alright then. At least his head isn't in the oven.

p.s. That is a mini wooden stand mixer over on the right... with a cupcake in the bowl. I cannot tell you how much I adore that this exists and that my daughter has one. Thanks Memere & Pepere and hooray for KidKraft!

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