You call this snow?

All week, our local news and weather reports have been freaking out about this huge snow storm we were supposed to get today. Yesterday we were told that there was a "winter storm warning" all across the viewing area. I was extatic. If it has to be 20 degrees outside, at least there should be snow, right? I had big plans for Addie and me--fabulous snowed-in activities...

We would draw snowmen on the windows with our, I'm sorry, her new set of window markers. We would bundle up, head out into the white stuff and make my babe's very first snow angel. We would drink hot chocolate for me, warm for her, with marshmallows on top. Maybe we would even be able to snuggle on the couch and sneak in an afternoon movie because, after all, how often do we get five inches of snow around here?

I suppose I should have asked myself that last question just a little bit more seriously because it is 12:30 in the afternoon, half way through our epic blizzard and THIS is our view out the back door:

This is why all of the schools were cancelled today? This is what was giving our weather people such pee-your-pants excitement? Seriously? Seriously.

I was quite irritated this morning when our "winter storm warning" was downgraded to a "winter weather advisory" and it quickly became clear that our prescribed five inches would actually be more like two, if we were lucky. Barely enough to make a footprint, let alone a glorious snow angel. I swore that I would never listen to another weather man, or woman for that matter, ever again! Curt tried to reassure me that it wasn't their fault and that it's weather, it changes at the last minute, they can't help it and besides, they have to talk it up for ratings.

Addie and I can attest that those ratings really helped out the grocery stores as well. Yesterday she and I braved Senior Discount Day combined with the pre-epic blizzard stocking-up crowd, all because we were actually out of juice and bananas. What should have been a quick trip took more like 45 minutes due to the slow moving carts that took up most of the aisles. Addie just nibbled on her sugar cookie from the deli while smiling and waving to her many admirers, as I tried to keep my cool while imagining the fun that awaited us today--surely it would all be worth it.

Alas, this is Kentucky. A crop dusting now and again is really all we can hope for and these scattered snow showers are no different. Who knows? Maybe this afternoon the heavens will open and we will get so hammered by big juicy flakes that I will be forced to eat every singe one of these words. A girl can hope. Either way, one thing I can predict without a doubt is that there is plenty of hot chocolate in the afternoon forecast at the Clayton household, with lots of white fluffy stuff on top!


The Alrikabi's said...

We didn't get one flake of the 2-3inches predicted here. Oh, but wait, we were lucky enough to get negative wind chill winds. Fantastic.

sara said...

OK, you definitely win! We have had negative wind chills also, but we did end up with about 2 1/2 inches total. You can still see the grass sticking up which sort of makes it not count, but I suppose I'll take what we can get!