The art of letting go, aka: edible finger painting

Isn't it amazing how a child has the strangest ability to be the cutest and most adorable being you have ever known, and then moments later can be the most horrifying and unbearable individual you have ever encountered? That was my day yesterday. Addie and I had so many ups and downs, I eventually stopped counting. First we started out with this super cute moment of her wearing my tennis shoes....
Only to discover moments later that she tracked dirt from these shoes all over the floor that I had just cleaned the day before. Sigh.

We had a fight about clipping her finger and toe nails that was pretty intense and involved restraint at some point. I had food thrown at me during lunch and Little Miss. took a nap that was so short I really don't know if she even slept. I decided to break up our nasty day with a little bit of forced fun. My mom gave me a kit to make edible finger paint for Christmas, and it was time to break out the vanilla pudding and food coloring.

Surprisingly, this activity went extremely well and was the highlight of a day I would otherwise rather have forgotten. It took Addie a while to get the hang of it--first she needed a spoon to eat the pudding. Then after I showed her that it was OK to put her fingers in it and make a mess, she started to loosen up and enjoy the process. (Man this girl is way too much like me!)

Clean up afterwards was a breeze and we hung her masterpiece in the back door to act as a sort of stained glass and to welcome Daddy when he came home. Nevermind the four attempts it took to get this girl to eat any dinner and the afternoon I spent cleaning snot smears off the couch. Will I remember those moments ten years from now? Maybe, but probably not. The finger painting, however? Yes, I believe that one will stick.

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