Back on the needles

January provided much needed rest away from the crazy knitting frenzy I found myself in before Christmas. Now, with February much underway, I am ready to jump back into the rhythm that I didn't realize I missed. I have quite a few projects that I hope to complete this year, one of which is a baby blanket for this little one growing in my belly.

But first, another hat! A precious baby girl just turned one and she needs a warm organic cotton hat with a big pink grosgrain bow... With 60 stitches cast on and my fingers slowly remembering the backwards and forwards motion of the yarn that is ribbing, I am on my way!

p.s. Our new operating system seems to be cooporating a bit more easily today, thank goodness! Still quite slow and not used to the newness of it all, but will get there. Thanks for bearing with me!!!


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Slowly but surely!!! Ms. Sadie will have it soon, I promise!