Hazy day

Beginning at about 2 AM this morning, it has been "one of those days". We had too much fun last night letting Addie stay up late and we paid for it when she was up for 2+ hours last night, wide awake. She let us sleep in a bit, but man oh man, I am tired today! I feel like I've taken cold medicine and am looking at the world through a slight fog. Such is early pregnancy along with lack of sleep. Yuck.

My silver lining is the memories of our craft time yesterday afternoon. I started with putting ribbon and some trickier stickers on the front of some pretty card stock. When Addie got up from her nap, we twisted her arm and got her to color and sticker up some Valentine cards of her very own. I doubt we will end up making as many as I thought, but I can always just save them for next year.

I think we will keep working on this project throughout the next week, squeezing in creative pockets of time between puzzles, reading and pretend shopping. I love that we are on our crafty way. Hopefully this is only the beginning!


Adele said...

Looks like so much fun! If we can make it out to the store to get some craft supplies, I'm hoping to do some Valentine's day crafting, too... if not, then we'll have to see what we have around the house.

sara said...

This was my first trip to Michaels with the intention to begin building our crafting stash. Hopefully one day this will lead to us finding things around the house for fun projects as well! Happy Valentines Day crafting!!!