Not my idea

This afternoon finds me frustrated while using the newly installed Windows 7 on our PC. I was told by the great love of my life that this was, "so much faster, honey". Really? Huh.

I usually spend my first free stolen moments during Addie's nap reading my list of favorite blogs. With many clicks and "open in new tabs" I can easily stroll through my inspirations and get all caught up in about 20 minutes. Not today. Today my impatience culminated with wanting to beat my head on the keyboard as I thought, "I just want to see how Amanda's tomten turned out!!!!"

Perhaps this is just a fluke. Maybe the entire world really is turning to the interwebs to watch or re-watch all of the commercials from last night's game. Or maybe this was a really bad idea. I must wait for my love to come home tonight, play around on here and let me know. I will keep you posted.


The Alrikabi's said...

It's because it's not a MAC. Poor guy just doesn't understand.

sara said...

Oh, I know. Really, sometimes I get so frustrated and miss that little apple so much I could cry!