I was looking through my recent posts and realized that lately I have been doing a lot more writing and a lot less picture-taking. Today, I decided to remedy that. Over the past few weeks our darling girl has grown a bit of an attitude. While it terrifies me for her real tween years, the practice she is trying out now is pretty darn hilarious!

Example: This week she has been referring to me as, "Mom". Not Mommy, just Mom. What!!! Listen up, little girl. Until you are 10 or maybe even older, I am your Mommy! Not so, she says. "Hey, Mom. Thank you, Mom. No, Mom." Oh good heavens.

Here are a few moments that I captured at dinner last night. What a range of emotion in just a few minutes! Gotta love this girl...

My favorite--the eye roll that she has perfected far too swiftly.
Really, just pray for me.


LeTonia said...

Oh, Sara! I have seen that eye roll before! She is her mother's child! Love you!


Kate said...

I was laughing so hard in my office looking at these pictures! When did she get all that long hair in the back??? She's almost ready for her very own silk bow tie ;-)

sara said...

I know I only have myself to blame... she kills me!

P.S. Kate, you are the devil!!! said...

From the look in this picture, I would say you are in real trouble.

em said...

I just saw Kate's comment and died laughing! Bahh!!

P.s. I love our sassy girl.