Under the weather

Starting last Thursday, our household has experienced a progression of illness that seems to have come to a head. What started out as harmless sniffles and a runny nose has turned into a croupy cough that could rattle even the most hardened of hearts. Addie awoke with such wheezing and barking that Curt brought her into bed this morning with a resounding, "She needs to go to the Dr." I told him as I have many times before that they won't see her unless she is running a fever. She isn't. He grumbled something to himself and promptly went back to sleep while Addie and I snuggled and her coughs quickly subsided.

That's her story. Mine is that yesterday in the early morning I woke up at about 4:30 AM with a throat so sore, I couldn't get back to sleep for over an hour. I swallowed my I don't like to take meds while I'm pregnant pride and took some Tylenol Sinus to make it through the day. It helped, but I woke up with the same condition this morning, took more drugs and caught a few more winks.

To be totally honest, I will admit that I have been uber cranky amidst the yuck and the piles of tissues. Just when I thought I was getting over the morning sickness, this icky cold creeps in and I'm still on the fritz. Can't I catch a freakin' break?!?!

Well, that was last night. Today is a new day. To preserve my sanity (and that of my husband's, for that matter) I will attempt to wipe my nose and Addie's with a shifted disposition. Becuase when I pay attention, we are surrounded by things to be thankful for...

Although chicken has been my biggest food aversion in pregnancy, piping hot chicken noodle soup with a ton of crackers has been my lunch two days in a row and it tastes oh so good.
Sometimes the body just knows what it needs.

In an effort to keep all things on my throat either super hot or really cold, I decided I needed fresh from the oven muffins for breakfast. With cold butter on top, they were tasty delish and picked me up for a morning playing with my babe.

And what would 27 degrees outside be without this beautiful sight inside? Really, in the dead of winter there is nothing better than an active fireplace. In front of this heaven is where I will spend the rest of the day, snuggling, knitting, reading, resting, drinking hot tea and working on getting better.

Stay warm, stay well...

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