Valentines Day Eve

What should one do while waiting for the big Apolo 1500M speed skating race the night before Valentines Day? Make a felt heart garland of course!

I love how it turned out and it was really quite easy and fast to put together. It also helped pass the time during lulls in Olympic coverage. On that note, isn't The Olympics fantastic?! It is the only thing that will allow me to break from my attempt to keep the TV off during much of the day. For two weeks we get to indulge in sporting events that would rarely receive any media coverage. Speed skating (my favorite), freestyle skiing, the ski jump--you name it, we watch it. With fresh snow falling outside, it adds to the spirit much like a white Christmas. Go USA!!!


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Go USA! We've been doing lots of olympic's watching! And I love it. The kids thought something was wrong, because we don't watch much TV at our house! And it was on 24/7 the last few days.

Love the mantle!

sara said...

Hooray!!! Ever since I was little, something about those 5 rings and the Olypmics music... it's just magical. Part of the magic may have been our parents throwing the TV watching rules out the window. :) Here's to pretending to be in Vancouver!!!